Our Proofs: a unique experience

Printmaking and fine art is unquestionably a difficult job for anyone who is committed to transforming the masterpieces on an industrial scale. Every nuance, every detail must be evaluated maniacally to get to reproduce the same quality as the originals. EBS does this for decades and therefore has developed a sophisticated system of tests certified that play a critical role in the workflow. Preprints in fact allow you to understand in advance the flaws and problematic nature of some reproductions and can work to make the most press. EBS provides customers three types of tests to cover all possible requirements. Alongside the traditional systems of ink printing machines operated by Epson we use Xerox machines that are able to simulate the performance also on opaque media. For our partners we have more demanding, however, now rare on the world, a chance to test it press. This method provides a preview faithful on paper and in the colors of offset printing that will be made. A safe and reliable way to understand right away how the final work will be. A unique experience that combines the modernity of the systems with the knowledge of the tradition.