Tips for Colour Treating

a) Each file must have its own certified proofs or, in the case of wet proofs, must be equipped with all the check scale.
In case we receive the files without proofs they can be checked on request in EBS printing the proof at our prepress. It should be noted that the proofs should not be considered as an example of the image you would like to achieve, but they are a preventive display of the result you will get on press.

b) The printing proofs are considered valid only if accompanied by the information needed to verify the right execution. In case of wet proofs they should be provided with colour-scale, density and percentage of dot gain. The digital proofs should refer to the Fogra system.

c) The machine prints simultaneously many images or pages coming from the most different sources. We can not ensure printability in case we are supplied with proofs carried out with different methods, different profiles and different sources. For this reason, we recommend not to mix images obtained with different calibration systems and printing methods. We are always at your disposal to provide you a new set of proofs and provide for the necessary corrections at a little price. It is better to avoid looking for a compromise between different images on press at the printing machine as it is almost always impossible.

d) If you are unable to comply with these parameters, please contact the Engineering Department at EBS that will give you useful instructions to prevent any problems.