The Trevelyon Miscellany of 1608

The Trevelyon Miscellany of 1608 is one of the few EBS’s facsimile greatest treasures and outstanding sample. Its over 600 oversized (35 x 47 cms) pages depict life in Shakespeare’s England in all of its brilliant complexities – from the mythical to the mundane, poetical to practical, religious to secular. This book has been published in celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Folger Shakespeare Library, where EBS builded up a very strong relationship with the Library’s staff, to commence with the Director and Librarian Mr Richard Kuhta: it was a pleasure and a great opportunity to make his acquaintance. EBS took personal responsibility for color correction in a volume of over 600 hand-colored pages with many meeting who took place at the library to identify the color stage and make this manuscript became a real facsimile.
All of the material, from the uncoated smooth art paper, specially made, to the inking set elaborated in EBS, were specifically tested around this facsimile project. There are no words to describe how close this project is to the actual manuscript: I do hope you may have the chance to visit the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington D.C. and express your opinion about it. The relationship between EBS and Folger Shakespeare Library was more than a collaboration; it was a partnership. The facsimile is revealing some unknown secrets about this Thomas Trevelyon, in the 16th century, who could be a mini-Leonardo!
This project has been recently award as one of the best designed book in the USA. Made in EBS, made in Italy.