This is an extraordinary representation of a Venice book through its painting history, so from the beginning of the 11th century upto early 19th century, in a 35 x 45 cm (14 x 18 inches) size, with over 400 pages and a dozens of large gatefolds throughout the interior. We were able to keep all of the magnificent painting and portraits with their natural color and details. The printing of those beautiful images have been set up for a very high resolution, on the largest offset press available in the market printing Industry. The luxury material we used, from the finest coated art paper, up to the superb linen cloth, were all eventually assembled by hand apart of the sewn signatures all automatically bookblocked together. The book is also fitted into a specially made slipcase halfbound with wrapped printed and laminated paper along with linen cloth, reinforced internally by a special solid board to receive the book. EBS is very keen in explain to our customer how to build up such as oversize project