Certamen Equestre

Two books of very different size in an elegant slipcase. The big landscape book reproduces a series of prints dated 1672 entitles Certamen Equestre which had been published to commemorate the accession of Karl XI. The smaller illustrates with text the tradition of carousel in the baroque courts. This set of two books with slipcase is particularly elegant both in the materials and in the manufacture. The big landscape book which reproduces the prints has a size of 385 mm base by 29 height, the inside paper is a beautiful creamy uncoated paper with a surface which simulates the texture in the old prints. The covering material both for the books and the slipcase is a precious coloured stock with title hot stamped in red. Particularly special in the manufacturing is the fact that the slipcase has in its inside a double deepness, one to contain in its full size the big landscape book and a shorter part for the commentary book, which has a portrait size of 217 mm base by 290 height.