Our commercial and customer care department is really touching the four corners of the world. The marketing strategies and innovation for our customers are supervised and brought up worldwide by Jonathan Bortolazzi, who is leading the whole sales department based in Italy and giving important guide lines for all of the Area Directors, involved in specific sales markets. Jonathan Bortolazzi visits personally all of our customers in order to create the important feeling of a face to face meeting, problem solving or final contract stage it could be. We love hosting you all in our plants too! Please come and visit us!

The domestic and main market for EBS; the Italian market, is handled by Filippo Bortolazzi, who is coordinating all of the plans and sales, based in EBS plant. Directions and main guidelines are infact inputted from Verona into our collegues and sales representatives spread out into the Italian territory. EBS is working with large Industrial realities in Italy, and very close with the most important publishing industries that are recognizied worldwide. Filippo Bortolazzi is managing the brand new bindery plant, as well as the overall personnel status. He supervises along with his family and property, all of the interviews and employment requirements which is essential for the continue professional growing of our group.                                                                      Contacts

Export Managing Director / USA-UK Sales Department             Italy and Russia Managing Director

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Filippo Bortolazzi                            mail

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France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria Sales Department       Italy and Russia Sales Department

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Elena Mironova                            mail

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Sales Department                                                                           Italy Sales Department

Silvia Nobis                                      mail


Michele Piran                                mail


Sales Department                                                                           Rome Sales Department

Manola Mazzi                                  mail

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Ugo Magliocchetti                           mail


Project Management                                                                      Project Management

Claudia Vighy                                   mail

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Monica Corsi                                    mail

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